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Wheelchair Ninja

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Long day

Been working on our companies graphic novel\ shoujo today at work. I’ll leak some images for you guys when I can. :)

Coming back

After my long absence from tumblr I am finally coming back. :) I will be posting more gigs and pictures of the games I develop.

I am also going to leave this here for all who love anime! =) 

Anime Kida is the world’s first anime social network, its a place to meet other anime fans, and fall in love with anime all over again. We have anime artists, cosplayers, gamers, role players, weabros and more. Its one of those places were everyone is up to something, really fun. Ad free and entirely made for anime fans by anime fans. so be sure to check it out k?  

The site is about a month and a half old and I found it while searching for references for drawing. ;) It seems awesome so far. 

Sorry guys!

I haven’t posted anything in forever…. nor have I been making gifs. I now work as a game developer!! =D I am currently working on a Graphic novel.=) Yesh it is anime so please stay tuned for it.

Thank you to all the lovely people who stayed my followers I <3 all of you!! 

To my followers.

Sorry guys. I have been on a super Hiatus. Been building a game for the Tizen App Challenge. 

For those who think that Rin only cares about Haruka.

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"Share 10 facts about yourself then pass this onto 10 of your favorite followers. <<:"

1. I’m a wheelchair ninja.

2. I love to make people smile

3. Rika is probably one of my best friends. -Nods- ^.^’ 

4. I’ve been super busy lately as well. Had to make a game for investors. 

5. Having the conversations I have with my best friends be they intellectual or not is probably one of the best things about my life.

6. I have black hair.

7. My eyes change color.

8. I love to make robots, programs, and technology.

9.  I can hold my alcohol very well.

10.  I will go out of the way to help people because I find it fun!

Rika, No worries I’ve been busy super crunched for time.  

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This is so stupid.

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u know she dead